musician graphic design - Fletcher

Fletcher is a fearless “power pop” singer/songwriter that isn’t afraid to break barriers and color outside of the lines of gender and sexuality. In 2015, ­her debut single “War Paint” off of her fourth EP “Finding Fletcher”, topped the Spotify Viral Chart upon release and now has more than 25 million listens on Spotify. She continued to reach viral success with her music video for “Wasted Youth”, which has now gained 3.5 million views on YouTube. Fletcher recently moved from New York to LA and, in 2018, signed with major record label, Capitol Records. While she lived in New York, I had the pleasure of working with her to create social content, album cover artwork, and promotional material.

curated instagram wall

Art Direction, Hand Lettering, Illustration + Design

Created for the release of Fletcher’s album “Wasted Youth” as a way to promote her music on social.

Fletcher Curated Insta.png

cover artwork


Fletcher Album Covers.jpg

Twitter Banner


snapchat concert filter

Fletcher Snapchat Filter.png